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Fat Can Block Your Drains

Fat Can Block Your Drains

Blocked Drainage System - Who To Contact

Your local council has the authority to serve legal statements on accountable festivities requiring them to repair or clear damaged or blocked drains pipes.

Troubles With Drains

If you ever encounter a drain problem, do not hesitate to contact us for excellent and affordable services, other blocked drains issues answered from Blocked Drains Colchester ( We have an excellent team and advanced technologies and we are always ready to help you, whatever happens. Call us, we are at your service.

Drain Jetting For Scrupulous Blocked Drains Clearance

If you would like to know more about our drain jetting services, click here, or call our team today to reserve your very first consultation.

Who Is Obligated With Sewers And Drains

Be sure to call us if you believe there is an impediment on your drainage system or if your property has been engulfed by the public sewer.

Highway Flow

We offer a wide range of drainage services for domestic and commercial customers and we guarantee that all work will be done efficiently and on time. This is important for us because we value our reputation.

Can The Local Authority Persuade You Connect To The Public Sewer?

If by any chance a public sewer happens to run nearby (less than 100 ft.) of your property, the local authorities cannot insist that you use the public line as opposed to using your own septic tank or cesspool.

Reserved Sewer

When several properties’ drains gather and end up getting shared but not ultimately connecting to a public sewer, then they become private sewers.