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How To Report Blocked Drains

How To Report Blocked Drains

Who To Contact - Blocked Drain

A blocked drain is as clear as daylight as wastewater will often remain stagnant as more water are added. They’ll also see the gullies filled to the brim with wastewater. Gullies are visible on the roads at the intersection of road and pavement.

Reparation To Drains

Issues with or an obstructed drain is normally the responsibility of the homeowner, other blocked drains issues answered from Blocked Drains Slough ( We're checking and repairing Sheffield's flood vulnerable roadway drains. A sewer collects water and waste from the drains pipes of a number of structures. Maintenance of the sewer system is the duty of the regional water company.

Can The Local Authority Insist On You Connect To The Public Sewer?

If a public sewer happens to run nearby (within 100 ft.) of your property, the local authorities cannot insist that you use the public line as opposed to using your own system.